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The DBF Wabbajack modlist will allow you to quickly and easily install DBF, both the basic and extended sections.

Introduction and Setup

Read the Introduction first, then proceed to the Setup page. Once you're done, keep following this page.


  1. Download the latest Wabbajack.
  2. Create a new folder anywhere outside of any default Windows folders.
  3. Place the downloaded Wabbajack.exe in this folder, then run it.
  4. Enable Show Unofficial Lists, then locate A Dragonborn's Fate in the gallery and click the download button in the corner.
  5. In Installation Location select an empty folder that is NOT the following:
    • The Steam folder.
    • Any default Windows folders.
    • The game folder.
    • The folder where you put Wabbajack.exe.
  6. Add your Installation Location and game folder as exceptions in your AV by following these steps.
  7. Begin the installation.
  8. Accept the Nexus Mods API request.
  9. If you are not a Premium user you will need to manually click download for each mod.
  10. Once complete, the installation will show a green Installation Complete screen.
    • If you see a red Installation Failed screen, please join the ModdingLinked Discord server for support.

Post-Install Steps

  1. In your Installation Location, open Mod Organizer 2.
  2. Expand the Utilities separator, then double-click Display Tweaks and in the Filetree section, open SSEDisplayTweaks.ini.
  3. Configure it according to the instructions here.
  4. Now you can play the game through the SKSE option in the top right:
  5. Run SKSE through MO2

Updating the List

Reinstall the list from the Wabbajack tool and enable the "Overwrite Installation" checkbox.